M&H Winter Decor

Ever wanted a nostalgic snowboard* to hang over your fireplace? Or have you wanted a custom designed, hand-made, and hand-painted snowboard to put in your room? Me and my sister, Hannah, have started designing custom snowboards as decorations** for home decor and ski resorts as an addition to our products. These snowboards do not have a angled tip, as I do not have a press and mold for the wood (may build one over time). All you will need to provide us with is the shape and size of the snowboard (hand-crafted by me), and an idea for the artwork (painted/designed by Hannah). Prices start anywhere from $200-$500, but are based on order complexity and size. If you have any questions or business propositions, just email me at:


Link to Hannah’s website: www.Hannahvart.com

* Does not have to be a snowboard. (Can also do skis, etc.)
** Note: as far as we know, these snowboards are not able to be ridden. You may try, if you like, but we don’t recommend it.

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