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MV Audio Installs




Ever wanted a subwoofer in your car to add that extra KICK to your music? Do you want that car shaking, deep rumble that is sure to impress your friends? Or do you just want a little bass  to supplement the highs and mids that your regular car speakers deliver? Well you’re in luck! I can design custom enclosures to fit your car, as well as install it for you. Prices are based on your order, which components are priced as follows:


$50-$175 for speaker(s)*,

$100-1000 for amplifier(s)*,

$50-$200 for enclosure(s)*,

~$10/hour for labor**.

Note: The usual time to install a subwoofer in a rushed manner is anywhere from two to four days.


*Per unit, based on size and power ratings.

**Based on order complexity.





P.S. For custom installs/enclosure pick up, your car must come to me, not me come to you. Plus, I have a webcam that I can share with you for the building process.

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