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Do you have simple tasks that you want done on your computer that take a long time to do yourself? Have you ever wanted a private chat program so you and your friends can stay connected? Do you want to have a desktop weather program that shows all of the up-to-date information about your location? And the best part of all, do you want someone else to make it for you so you can carry on with your life? Well, I can help! For the past two-three years, I have been devoting my time to making programs, short cuts, and batch files that meet the above criteria, and have very easy-to-use interfaces for the user. My main languages are C#, HTML, and Batch, but I am open to any other languages that may be needed to get the job done (C, C++, VB.Net, ASP.Net, Java, Java Script, HTML, XML, XAML, PHP, CSS, etc, etc.). All I will need is a detailed description of what you want the program to accomplish, a design of the User Interface (optional), and any other features that you want incorporated. Prices start at 1-10 dollars an hour, but will mostly depend on the complexity of the program order as well as any other features that you want. To talk about pricing and design, you can email me at:

micahmail9@gmail.com (preferably)

Pre-made programs (prices may vary).

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